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Car Ownership Programs 


Car ownership programs assist people in the purchase of a car when they are unable to do so. There are a variety of organizations that obtain reliable used cars from donations and other means. They will then either sell for a low price or give the car away for free, to program recipients. Contact Us for a complete list in your area.


There are also opportunities to get help with the additional costs associated with car ownership.


  • Match Funds Programs will match the amount you have saved for a new car (i.e. You save $500, the  group will match some or all of that $500.)

  • Successful Car Ownership provides assistance for car repairs and insurance costs

  • Low Rate Auto Loans


Please complete the contact us form so we can help you.



Numerous churches, ministries, and other non-profit organizations may be able to provide minor car repairs free of charge to the needy and those with low incomes. Most of the repairs are targeted to people who need a car for transportation to work or a medical appointment. Examples of such organizations are:


  • Working Cars for Working Families

  • Domestic Violence Transportation Program

  • Your local community action agency


To receive a detailed list of organizations providing car repairs or assistance in your state, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page.


Free Gasoline Programs


September 19, 2012 By lsimonton 


The grants for free gasoline are awarded monthly by Free Gas USA. Fuel cards will be distributed based upon the donations received, the location(s) of participating gasoline distributors, and also the geographical restrictions of funds processed.


  • Grants for free gasoline are provided in amounts that range from $50 up to $1200 dollars.

  • There grants are restricted to fuel purchases only, and grants are provided on an as needed basis.

  • Recipients of the grants are assigned coded fuel cards, thus limiting their purchases to a certain dollar amount, and it also ensures the money is spent on fuel purchases.

  • The gasoline purchases from the program are permitted to provide people with the means to fulfill basic necessities such as employment, medical, grocery shopping and educational transportation.



How to apply for free gasoline grants:


The gasoline grant applications are not distributed via United States mail. If you are interested in the program, applicants must obtain an application via their website. All applications to the program need to be submitted with an agency referral form or they will not be processed and will be denied.To request more information, please contact us.



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