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Each year Spread The Purple continues to advance in the cause of assisting the low to middle class across in New Jersey and throughout the United States. However, the cost to continue our amazing work requires ongoing financial support and we need your help! There are many ways that you can support Spread The Purple.

  • Donate a one week rental at your home or vacation home. It just takes 10 minutes to create a rental listing! You can donate for any week you choose. Click here to donate.

  • The next time you take a family vacation, consider renting a house from one of the generous owners that have donating a week at their home to support Spread The Purple. Click here to plan your next vacation and support Spread The Purple!

  • Purchase a Spread The Purple T-Shirt at Razoo.

  • Attend one of our various fundraisers throughout the year. You can see the latest fundraisers by viewing the calendar on our home page.

  • Ready to donate now? Click here to make an immediate donation.


If you have any questions about our various fundraisers or donating to Spread The Purple please call our toll free number: 973-996-8447.

GIVE NOW! Families, College Students, Seniors, Single Mothers, & More Need Your Help.
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