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Career Development

Spread The Purple has helped thousands of clients draft and refine their résumés. For many clients, the first step in the résumé writing process is attending a résumé writing workshop during the year. We also offer a free résumé peer review service and had printed materials on the résumé writing process, as well as examples in our resource center.

Housing Support

Provides limited financial assistance to low- and moderate-income tenants, homeowners in imminent danger of eviction or foreclosure due to temporary financial problems, and the homeless pollution; beyond his/her control. Funds are used to disburse payments in the forms of loans and grants to landlords and/or mortgage companies on behalf of eligible households in danger of homelessness.

Programs & Services

Ex-Offender Assistance

Our programs begin with performing an intake and case management in a central program office, while outreach coordinator deals with clients at neighborhood-based locations throughout the county. Spread The Purple’s reentry counselors assess participants during the intake process to determine what types of services participants need.

Reading For Savings

Our Reading for Savings program rewards children from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade who read 10 books during the summer, while receiving $1.00/book that is read. At the end of the summer each child will earn a total of $10 todeposit into a new or existing Young Saver account with TD Bank. Reading for Savings teaches how children canlearn how to save, to grow their savings, and to bring back the joy of reading books, again.


Many foundations and government programs in New Jersey support children through services and financial assistance. Children Care Grants can be awarded for a variety of family situations and varying degrees of need.

Food Pantry Locations

Food pantries can help you when you are experiencing a temporary hardship and can’t purchase food. Pantries can also help when you are in continuous need to help feed you and your family. Each state has hundreds of food banks and private organizations that would be able to provide additional assistance with family food needs.

Medical Programs

Our health care system is fractured, and more people are going broke dealing with medical bills than ever before. Even families with solid health insurance programs are finding it difficult to manage the premiums and their portion of the medical bills for their families. If you or a member of your family has a chronic disease, you are probably in jeopardy of losing a great portion of whatever wealth you possess.

Senior Citizen Support

Healthier lifestyles and medical advancements means that Americans are living longer than ever. However, due to lower birth rates as well as lower death rates, 20% of the population in America today is over the age of 60, and the statistic is expected to continue to rise. In 2050, it is estimated that 33% of the population in the United States will be senior citizens.

Car Ownership Programs

Car ownership programs assist people in the purchase of a car when they are unable to do so. There are a variety of organizations that obtain reliable used cars from donations and other means. They will then either sell for a low price or give the car away for free, to program recipients. Contact Us for a complete list in your area.


Become A Mentor

Spread the Purple has many ways you can volunteer. Currently, two programs are in need of assistance!



Money Management Councilors

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