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Maryange Ariste


Founder and Board President


Maryange Ariste founded Spread The Purple, a 501(c)(3) non profit  organization, back in 2012. During a period in her life she herself had become homeless for two years. Ms. Ariste’s personal journey made her realize that both local, state and the United States government had created thousands of programs to assist individuals in need of funding. However, most people who need these grants don’t even know they exist. Or, they don’t know how to actually obtain these grants and services. It was then that Maryange Ariste founded Spread The Purple so she could connect people in need with the services available.


Spread The Purple has been a true labor of love. In the begining, Maryange operated the organization out of her home. She has worked as a Formulation Chemist during the day and devoted her off hours to helping others through Spread The Purple. Through her work she has advocated for people in need, comforted and assisted people during difficult times and directed people to services and grants that can literally change their lives.

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