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Career Development

Creating an Employable Resume and Cover Letters


Spread The Purple has helped thousands of clients draft and refine their résumés. For many clients, the first step in the résumé writing process is attending a résumé writing workshop during the year. We also offer a free résumé peer review service and had printed materials on the résumé writing process, as well as examples in our resource center.


Having a well thought and strategically laid out resume and cover letter is the key to landing an interview. Upon completion of this 30- 40 minute workshop attendees will be able to draft an effective resume and cover letter that will include all relevant experiential education. Attendees will also be introduced to resources available to them at The Career Center to assist them in the process.



Mock Interview Program


The Mock Interview Program provides  a lower income working class, unemployed, and ex-offending communities, within 48 hours of the date of the scheduled interview a chance to tweak interviewing skills. Sign up for a practice interview is available either through the following methods: on the phone, over Skype, or in a one-on-one coaching session at our office.

Mock Interviews may be used prior to any form of interview, including graduate, professional, health, phone, and job interviews.

At the time of the client’s interview he/she can expect a simulated 30 minute interview by trained and highly engaged interviewers who will challenge him/her with customized questions based on their background, area of interest, and any other information the client provides. The more information the client provides, the more customized the questions!


The 30 minute feedback portion will highlight the client’s strengths and provide areas for improvement. The client will take home with them: recorded and written feedback, relevant handouts, and a better understanding of how to articulate their thoughts, experiences, and skills.

Educational Support and Grants


Educational support and grants are available for just about any field of interest and on all levels of education. It is well documented that people with higher educations have more earning power than those that don’t. We can help you and your children get the best education possible by helping you find assistance for the following:


  • Tuition assistance for elementary, middle and high school tuition

  • Financial assistance for purchasing books and other costs associated with school

  • Financial assistance for continuing education and job training

  • Financial assistance for college


The process of obtaining financial assistance and educational grants is daunting. Allow Spread The Purple facilitates you identify the programs and grants that can best help you. We can also help you sort through and complete all the necessary forms and paperwork. Contact us to learn more about which service best fits you

Budget Counseling


Everyone deserves a financial plan, regardless of income or financial situation. Our solutions are customized to meet the client’s needs and help them achieve their goals, such as


  •  Debt Reduction Plans

  •  Improve Credit Rating

  •  Becoming Financially Organized

  •  An Action Plan to pay monthly bills on time

  •  Financial Goal Setting Plans

  •  New Car Affordability Plan

  •  Savings Plans

  •  Understanding How to Read ones paycheck


We provide customized solutions, through detailed planning, and financial coaching. One of the many ways is through our program called “Spending Plan.” This plan will assist the client with where they want to be in their financial future, through the following steps:


  • Assess the client’s financial situation

  •  Eliminate stress over finances

  •  Pay bills on time

  •  Reduce Debt

  •  Monitoring Client’s saving grows

  •  Improve both debt to income ratio

  •  Improve Credit Rating

  •  Improve Expending Habits

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